Hotel Reservation

Book the best hotel for your stay and get opportunity to spend quality time with your near one’s.


Lavish dining area

Price: $430.00 - $750.00

The formal dining rooms have provided a large space for family, friends and also various other multipurpose gatherings. However, enjoying a lavish dinner by the side of an open air pool, creates a beautiful environment of fun and magic. Candle light dinner also makes one’s dinner complete.


Relaxing swimming pool

Price: $330.00 - $620.00

Make your stay more pleasurable with the presence of a beautiful swimming pool in your hotel. Make your stay cool and pleasurable by availing a refreshing bath in clear blue water in our hotel.


Beautiful interior

Price: $220.00 - $550.00

Get the best out of your planned outing by making your stay perfect in well decorated and furnished rooms. Beautiful interiors offers a relaxing and rejuvenating environment making one’s outing pleasant and complete.


Grand luxurious Hotels

Price: $420.00 - $720.00

Well decorated hotels offer a luxurious stay and indeed have good fooding facilities that makes one’s outing complete in every way.